Mij Kelly

A little about the author

Mij was born in Scotland but spent her early childhood in India. She studied English at York University, Publishing Studies at Stirling University and has had a host of different jobs – from tattie howking, cleaning and lexicography, to collecting oral histories, waitressing and journalism.

Her first children’s book won the Kathleen Fidler award in 1993 and she’s been writing ever since. She used to test out her stories on her children. Now she tests them on her granddaughter. She lives in York with her husband Dan and her dog Otis

Titles Include

FRIENDLY DAY – Illustrated by Charles Fuge – Hodder

WILLIAM AND THE NIGHT TRAIN – Illustrated by Alison Jay – Hodder

IF Illustrated – by Mark Beech – Collins

THE BOGEYMAN – Illustrated by Keino – Collins

ONE MORE SHEEP – Illustrated by Russell Ayto – Hodder (English Association’s Award 2004)

THE BUMP – Illustrated by Nicholas Allan – Hodder

QUACK QUACK MOO, WE SEE YOU – (Originally Where’s My Darling Daughter?) illustrated by Katharine McEwen – OUP

WHERE’S MY DARLING DAUGHTER? – illustrated by Katherine McEwen – OUP

THE HAPPIEST MAN IN THE WORLD – Illustrated by Louise Nisbet – Hodder

HAVE YOU SEEN MY POTTY? – Illustrated by Mary McQuillan – Hodder

ATCHOO! THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO GOOD MANNERS – Illustrated by Mary McQuillan – Hodder

I WANT MY MUMMY – Illustrated by Mary McQuillan – Hodder

A BED OF YOUR OWN – Illustrated by Mary McQuillan – Hodder

WHERE GIANTS HIDE – Illustrated by Ross Collins – Hodder

GIANTS – Illustrated by Nick Maland – Hodder

LOVE MATTERS MOST – Illustrated by Gerry Turley – Hodder

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